Increase Your Knowledge of Squirrels to Know How to Get Rid of Them

If you own a backyard you might feel you are lucky enough, but at the same time, there are high chances of your yard being infested with squirrels and other wildlife. Most squirrels are considered harmless and they are sometimes nice to have around but when they invaded your house or your backyard and cause damage to your property, it gets irritating.

At Arlington squirrel removal, it is believed that ground squirrels are the ones that cause the greatest nuisance among homeowners. Let’s educate ourselves on ground squirrels so that we understand how we can get rid of them.

What is a ground squirrel and where do they live?

California ground squirrels are 9 to 11 inches long and they have a bushy tail that is as long as their body. The color of their fur is light brown, grey, and dusky due to which they have a mottled appearance. Ground squirrels are believed to be the most active from late winter to Early Spring. During the entire winter season, they are believed to hibernate in various areas. 

California ground squirrels breed inside burrows that contain nearly 20 more animals. They are known to build their burrows on hillsides and they avoid areas that are flood irrigated or that contain moist soil. Once they complete building their burrows, they tend to keep close to them. You will find both the male and female squirrels within 150 yards of their burrows.

Two things that attract squirrels to your backyard

Did you ever wonder what it is that is attracting the squirrels to your backyard? One of the best ways of getting rid of ground squirrels is by understanding what is drawing them to your property. Here are the two biggest culprits.

Water and food: Squirrels are typically herbivorous and their diet usually depends on the season. As soon as they are out of hibernation, they tend to eat green grasses and plants. With the progress of the season, squirrels will begin to consume nuts,  grains, and seeds. If they find all of these in your backyard, there is a high chance of a squirrel infestation. 

Shelter:  Ground squirrels prefer living in grassy and large areas that provide them ample space for moving around. This is yet another reason that attracts them to your backyard.

If you seem to be irritated with the infestation of squirrels on your property, seek the help of a professional pest control company for the latest techniques of extermination. 

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