Each girl wants a beautiful, sexy, natural breast size

In addition to increasing size, it can also increase personality, confidence in life, making it attractive to look at. Many young women are so popular with breast surgery. To be beautiful, suitable for the shape of each person. whether it be weight, height, flexibility, etc.

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Choosing a doctor with expertise and experience is very important, especially a doctor who is aware of these factors in using surgical techniques and intends to achieve the most beautiful breast augmentation so it is safe and effective. that’s for sure

Nowadays, breast augmentation has evolved. And technology that is very advanced, especially different types of milk bags that help the breasts look natural and beautiful. and blends really well with our milk

Currently, there are new techniques to increase the efficiency of breast surgery, in particular That is to insert a silicone funnel. This funnel bag is a bag that is made for inserting certain brands of silicone only. Usually breast augmentation The doctor will use his hand to push the silicone in. However, if having surgery with cone technique, the silicone will be squeezed through the funnel instead of pushing it by hand. This will allow the milk bag to enter the body softer. and the silicone will not rub against the wound. Reduce bruising of the wound, making it heal faster, less pain, less chance of infection. There will be smaller wounds as well. Suitable for all types of breasts, whether flat, sagging, etc.

However, breast augmentation There are also a variety of methods to choose from according to each person’s body. Let’s get to know each type of silicone better. At present, there is another special type of silicone, that is, Nano-Skin Silicone or Velvet. It will be a combination of bringing the advantages of each type of silicone skin together in one way. It has a smooth surface that makes it easy to put on. less tender tissue like smooth silicone But at the same time it reduces the likelihood of fibrosis. from the nano-surface like silicone sand no need to massage the breast It brings the advantages of both smooth and sandy surfaces together. Makes the breast augmentation more natural and results that are more satisfying as the silicone will adhere and blend in with the shape of the breast without causing fascia, long service life

sand silicone The appearance of the silicone is opaque, the texture is fine, it feels a little rough. Silicone sand skin is designed to reduce the problem of displacement after breast augmentation because the sand will help hold the tissue around it. By reducing the chances of fibrosis as well.

smooth silicone The surface of the silicone is smooth. Most have the appearance of very clear skin. Like a hot bag filled with water, the inside of the Cohesive Gel can be clearly seen. If the patient is supplemented in a large Smooth surface it makes it easy to put on. This makes the surgery time shorter and less swelling. However, the disadvantages of smooth silicone should massage the breast. strictly according to the instructions of the surgeon To reduce the formation of fascia around the silicone, reduce pain and may be a factor causing the silicone to be damaged.

However, each individual breast augmentation doctor will recommend that those who have breast augmentation longer than 5-10 years to do a mammogram every year. to check the condition of the silicone

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