Seven Best TV Channels to Watch in 2022

Streaming services have changed the way we access entertainment. This is mainly because streaming services have dominated the market as they also offer on-demand shows and live channels. The providers offer different plans allowing subscribers to choose the channels they want to watch. While others offer the option to customize your plans so you can add your favorite channels.

However, no other television networks have such a global impact other than American networks. Therefore, it is important to add some of America’s most popular channels, so you stay abreast with the world.

If you need help deciding which channels to watch, read this blog! We have compiled a list of the best channels for you. So, give this blog a good read.


HBO is a channel that offers something for everyone! It is our top pick due to its incredible collection of content that stretches from documentaries to stand-up comedies. Some popular shows people can binge-watch are, Succession, House of Dragons, Veep and hacks, The wire, and so on. You can also watch some of the exclusive HBO originals, such as Julia, The Staircase, and others. Simply put, it has stacked up some of the most entertaining shows that are worth watching.


It is one of the popular commercial broadcast television networks. Apart from live content, it also has its standalone service. It offers an extensive CBS catalog on-demand to keep users entertained. You can watch some of the most popular dramas like NCIS, Mom, and Mike & Molly. So, make sure you choose a package that lets you access CBS.

If you are looking for a top-notch streaming service that offers CBS in its basic package, then you should go for the Cox Contour TV app. It offers different packages, so you have the option to choose a plan according to your unique needs.


If you want to keep yourself entertained, you should watch NBC. You will get access to famous shows such as The Voice, Law & Order Trinity, La Brea, and so much more. If you are a die-hard fan of Jimmy Fallon, you can enjoy watching it too only on NBC.


If you are looking to watch family-friendly content, do not forget to add HGTV to your list. It has one of the most affluent viewership in the industry as it offers interesting shows that people can binge-watch. From home makeover series to DIY series, it provides quality content that helps us relax as no plot is involved, so our mental energy is not used. It can be an escape from our busy schedule, and you can comfortably watch TV from the comfort of your couch. Moreover, it also gives gardening and home décor ideas that you can easily utilize.

Do check the DISH channel guide before making a buying decision. It offers some of the finest plans and even offers the option to personalize your channel lineup.

Animal Planet

Love animals? Then, this channel is for you as it is a channel where you will get a deeper insight into the lives of the animals. It is devoted to producing series and documentaries about the lives of animals. If you watch this channel, you will come across so many creatures you had no idea existed. This channel has been around for years and since people of all ages love animals, it shows no signs of losing its popularity.

FOX Sports

Fox Sports channel offers a variety of live sports events from all over the world. On this channel, you get to watch WWE, NFL, basketball, boxing, soccer, and so much more. Moreover, to enhance your streaming experience, the channel offers 4k quality streaming. Even if you have missed your favorite show, you get to watch its highlights the next day. With FOX Sports, you always stay connected to the sports world, so do not forget to add this channel to your package.

Food Network

If you are tired of watching action or adventure shows, then start watching the food network. It lets you watch shows exploring food’s joy and power with some of the popular chiefs. It not only teaches the viewers how to cook delicious food but also shows them where to find the best eatery in town. Moreover, Food Network aims to teach and entertain people via its shows. This channel can help you relax and enhance your cooking skills.

In Brief

When choosing a streaming service, you should always check the list of the channels you are being offered. Choose popular channels, so you get access to quality content only. We have listed some of the top American channels that you should get your hands on. So, start watching them today to fully enjoy your TV viewing experience.

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