Email Footer Design and Content Ideas with Examples

It is a myth that the email footer is something that is rarely looked at in an email template. This idea is completely wrong once the reader opens the email.

Though the content of the mail is important to convey the right message, the footer becomes the prime factor in deciding the number of subscribers and unsubscribes. Using an email marketing tool, focusing on the email footer is as important as the context and image in the mail. A good email footer can entice readers and strengthen your brand.

What is an Email footer?

An email footer is placed at the bottom of an email after the content and even the email signature. This is more like a company’s business card in the current email marketing system. The interaction between the reader and the business is improved with an appealing footer.

From top to bottom, it is essential to excite and engage the reader and build the brand. The information in the footer can be the company’s logo, contact information, an email link, customer care and support, or even a website link.

Let’s go through some interesting email footer designs and examples to understand the importance of a good footer using an email marketing tool:

Legal information and requirements

A few mandatory items must be listed in the email footer as per the CAN-SPAM Act and GDPR. In the United States, for example, the following are required in an email:

Company’s privacy policy, copyright.

An email preference link (subscribing and unsubscribing links and preferences).
Address of the company, physical address, alternate email address for contacting
In the UK, it’s mandatory to include the company name, registration number, place of registration and office address.

Preferences on updating the subscription

Subscription and unsubscription are important because it’s compliant with the law and may be marked as spam by users who are no longer interested in the mail. This can help us to know the customer’s choices and metrics to improve them.

Example: “Want to change how you receive this email? You can update your preferences or unsubscribe from the mail. ” This is something that can be added at the footer. Including the ways to get in touch.

According to the CAN-SPAM Act, mentioning the address of the company is mandatory. But it can be boring to the readers as well. For example, using some fun symbols or designs to mention them is a good idea to market.

When it comes to transaction-based email, adding a few elements could ensure a customer-centric experience and reassurance from the company. For example, adding a live chat option or a FAQ link.

Including social media links such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or even the website’s link can make it more engaging and simple for readers to learn more about the company. This can be tagged like “I’m a social guy, follow me on….” Or just the symbols will do.

Add a thank you note

Showing gratitude towards the interest or effort in making a transaction can humanize the business. It can win the customer’s heart and help with high brand value, brand loyalty, and advocacy.

Example: “Thank You for being a part of the 200K+ family of our X business community. If you enjoy our service, recommend us to your friends. We owe you one.”

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