Traditional vs Modern Kadhai Designs: Choosing the Right One for Your Kitchen

The kadhai plays a significant role in cooking Indian cuisine. Kadhai is used for a wide variety of dishes, from shallow frying and curries to deep-fried snacks. Kitchen technology is ever-evolving, as a result, we are getting innovations around kadhai, which are now available in both classic and modern iterations. Let’s explore the differences between them to help you choose the right kadhai for your kitchen.

Traditional Kadhai Designs

 Traditional kadhai are made to be at par with old cooking standards. They are by and large made of harsh and extreme metals like cast iron, copper, steel and so on and may highlight durable handles for simple dealing with on open fire. Their thick and thick base assists with disseminating heat and holds high temperatures. 

Cast Iron (Nitrided) kadhai are a better conventional alternative to traditional cast iron kadhais. It is lightweight and easy to handle & maintain as fights rust while infusing iron into your food. These modern day kadhai are hailed for their sturdiness and life span and are made to endure high temperatures, they require regular seasoning. Moreover, a very well-prepared conventional kadhai can give a special flavour to dishes by infusing iron.

Modern Kadhai Designs

Sleek, modern, aesthetic and innovative features tailored to the needs of modern kitchens – that’s how we describe modern kadhai designs. Materials like Greblon and technologies like the Triply are utilised in present-day kadhai plans. These frequently contain hexaridge tech, protected handles, straightforward covers with a hold and other creative highlights. The best part is its revolutionary features which makes it stick-resistant, metal spoon friendly and easy to use & maintain. They are dishwasher safe and require no seasoning because of their non-stick covering.

Choosing the Right Kadhai for Your Kitchen 

Cooking Style

A conventional kadhai is a superior choice for cooking customary Indian dishes, as they generally require longer openness to high intensity and no strain cooking. Be that as it may, comfort and convenience are unquestionably significant. Individuals who look for that ought to pick modern kadhai.

Kitchen Space

Consider the room in your kitchen when choosing a kadhai. Traditional kadhai with their rustic charm may require more space making it a bad option for compact kitchens. On the other hand, modern kadhai is stored in a smaller space and should be no problem for any size of gastops; ideal for such kitchens. 

Cooking Needs

What kind of food you prepare most days is also important when choosing the right kadhai for your kitchen. Suppose you live in traditional Indian cooking techniques which include slow simmering and deep frying; a Cast Iron (Nitrided) kadhai made with Nitride Tech might be a good option for you. On the other hand, a  Cast Iron (Enamelled) kadhai will be helpful with quick and easy meals. Now the choice is yours!

As consumers get more and more aware of the importance of home-cooked meals and the modern-day convenience that comes with them, prioritizing a kadhai becomes easy. The triply kadhais are ideal for any cooking enthusiast who values health, safety and an upgraded cooking experience.


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